CONTEC CMS800F Maternal and Fetal Monitor (FHR,TOCO,ECG,NIBP,SPO2,Pulse Rate )


The Maternal/Fetal Monitor can acquire FHR, TOCO, FMOV, ECG, SpO2 and NIBP when pregnancies over 28 weeks to provide reference data for clinical use.The monitor can be used individually or connected with PC through RJ45 Interface for the purpose of central monitoring.It is only suitable for the equipment in hospitals, clinics, doctors offices and patients at home by professional medical personnel.
Major Features
◆Light weight , compact size , tops horizontally and walls can be hoisted
◆8.0″ screen color LCD display, rotatable screen to 60°
◆Multi-interface review, choose focus according to the requirement
◆FHR 120 BPM-160 BPM normal range label
◆Manual records fetal movement
◆Multi-level alarm function
◆Parameters and the color of waveform can be set
◆Continuous 24-hour real-time monitoring function
◆Information of patients and data of measurement can be recorded.
◆With picture freeze function
◆Optional English interface
◆Single, Twins Monitoring optional
◆Nine crystal board band pulsed wave transducer
◆Extra-long life, high-resolution built-in thermal recorder
◆Built-in communication port, can be connected with central monitoring system

Sell in standard:
◆Transducers(Ultrasound TransducerⅠ, TOCO Transducer, Remote Marker)
◆Abdomen belt
◆Record Paper
◆Power supply line
◆Earth line
◆ECG lead wires
◆ECG cable
◆ECG electrodes
◆An oximeter probe
◆Adult cuff
◆Two Fuses
◆User manual
Sell in addition
◆Ultrasound TransducerⅡ
Physical Characteristics
Size: 320 (length) × 260 (width) × 80 (height) mm
Weight: about 3 kg





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